About me

What I do and why?

I help professionals become confident leaders.

My mission is to uncover the hidden potential in people and provide them with space for growth and self-discovery. I believe that each of us already has the answers to our questions within us, but the appropriate conditions are often lacking for the answers to manifest in an easily graspable form. Where advice and analysis end, active listening, empathy and trust begin. 

However, I would also like to share my practical experience with you. After looking at the situation, I can propose an approach or consultation according to the given topic. From my many years of experience in the IT field, I have come to believe that technology or a specific method is rarely to blame. Rather, it is clear communication, the ability to make decisions and great leadership skills that are lacking to achieve success on large and small projects, but also in interpersonal relationships. 

Based on this, the core of my services is precisely the coaching method, which makes it possible to grasp the problem or situation effectively. Quality work can then be built on solid foundations through consultations focused on specific topics. 

What can I help with?

Confidence and mindset – each of us will find ourselves in a situation where we do not feel comfortable and are forced to reevaluate our current view of ourselves and the environment. It is often enough to step back a little to gain a new perspective and a more positive outlook on things. 

Change or move in Career – There are countless ways in which you can ‘mix’ work or career these days. We have enormous freedom in which direction we see ourselves and often we don’t even have to be aware of what is possible until we allow ourselves to think about new possibilities and dream a little. 

Vision and strategy – From an early age, we are often brought up in such a way as to fit into the ‘social puzzle’ and, if possible, not to stand out too much. However, this often leads to a feeling of emptiness and the meaning of the activity disappears. Then it’s time to learn to dream again, develop a creative approach to life and actively search for what fulfils us. 

Leadership – consciousness of their own leadership qualities are extremely useful in all aspects of life, unfortunately many people who are not officially in the roles of managers and directors forget that they have these qualities and can use them for their own good and the good of those around them. 

Mentoring – if you are just entering the big world of IT and business, I will be happy to help you in all respects. Topics can be: Interview preparation, feedback, everyday rituals, standards, processes in the company and basically anything else. Even if you are already an experienced veteran, mentoring can often be useful in some aspect. We all have our weak spots 🙂 

About me 

 I have been working in the field of IT and business for more than 10 years. I gained experience in an American corporation, a digital agency and as a consultant and architect within several large and smaller projects within the Deloitte and Trask companies, where I collaborated as an externist.

Since my first job, I had the opportunity to mentor new colleagues who often came from another country in Europe or the continent, and my task was to make them feel comfortable in the new environment, absorb the knowledge needed for work as efficiently as possible and grow professionally.

Then came larger projects, where I was able to get an insight into the processes of decision-making, negotiations within project management, analysis, architecture and the associated responsibilities to make the project as successful as possible.

I also started providing pro-bono consulting and coaching to people all over the world. It fulfilled my desire to help people uncover their potential and support them so they can move forward effectively and achieve their goals.

I took mentoring and coaching lessons with Magdalena Vokacova, which helped me gain insight into the art of coaching.

Based on this, I decided that I would like to give more space to coaching methods that can be used in different variations depending on the situation, but always have the goal of bringing the joy of discovering a person’s potential and the desire to move forward.