Why is coaching so fulfilling

When I experienced my first time being coached, it completely turned around my perspective on what can be achieved ‘just’ through listening and asking the right questions at the right time. Why is such a concept so powerful in practice when done correctly?

Below are three aspects that came to mind right away when I thought about what makes the sessions so satisfying.

A good coach creates space around you where you feel completely safe. Where you are not judged and there is no predetermined agenda put on you. This aspect is very freeing, especially for many who did not have a chance to experience such an environment before.

Such a conductive environment creates situations where the client comes up with a topic that needs to be addressed but ends up discovering that the initial goal may be the goal of someone else. Or it’s just the beginning of some more complex maps we can explore together.

Another aspect I have not experienced elsewhere is how much coaching goes both ways. I often feel I learn as much about myself as the client does about themselves. The session topics also frequently mirror my open questions to some degree.

Meeting people around the world and observing how similar our goals and struggles are no matter the location helps with my perspective on life as well. There is an uplifting feeling knowing we are all in this together.

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